What is an LED?

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are solid-state lighting components. They have no moving, fragile parts and can last for decades. LEDs can be many times more energy-efficient than light bulbs, depending on the application. Please check the following website for more information.


Are you just buying LED's from Asia and relabeling them?

No. LA LED LIGHTING LLC has formed strategic OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer) partners in Asia but has made modifications to most of the products to meet our specific design requirements and electrical needs of the USA. The majority of all components inside the lights are USA products.  We will not import anything for sale unless it has passed through our engineering firm and our executive team. On the products LA LED LIGHTING does OEM, we hold them to the highest standard of quality. Our partners are aware of our design needs, our requirements and our duty to deliver the most reliable and efficient LED designs on the market. This process allows our dealer network, and our customers, to know that when they buy an LA LED LIGHTING product they are buying quality. We work diligently to constantly bring our OEM partners and ourselves to a higher standard daily. If it says LA LED LIGHTING you can buy with confidence


LALED LIGHTING has gone through extensive testing and verifying that its products will last as stated. This process includes consistent colorimetry throughout every product line. It is our belief that by offering only the products that live up to LA LED LIGHTING standards we can provide a broad spectrum of solutions to the industrial, commercial, and residential markets. By making our lights the most consistent on the market we give the user a feeling of being under natural smooth lighting.

Why should I get LA LED LIGHTING over Fluorescent or Compact Fluorescent?

Both fluorescent and compact fluorescent are ballast and mercury based bulbs. What this means to you is that as the ballast begins to age the fluorescents will begin to flicker or may become hesitant to turn on at all. For most T-8 bulbs the ballasts will eventually wear out. This requires an electrician for replacement. Fluorescent bulbs themselves have mercury in them which requires a hazardous waste disposal by law. The disposal process alone is both an inconvenience and a very large expense. LA LED LIGHTING’s LEDs are completely recyclable and contain no hazardous materials. LA LED LIGHTING LEDs also consume about fifty percent less electricity than most fluorescents and compact fluorescents. LA LED LIGHTING LEDs also consume about fifty percent less electricity than most fluorescents and compact fluorescents.

How long does LALED LIGHTING Last?

LALED LIGHTING luminaries are designed to last between 20,000-75,000 hours. This greatly depends on the lamp itself and the installation. LALED LIGHTING adheres to the LM-70 standard of testing which is based on the life of the lamp to 70% of its origional brightness.

Why should I invest in LALED LIGHTING bulbs now?

LALED LIGHTING bulbs are already a great investment. LALED LIGHTING luminaries have average return on investment for industrial and commercial of only 24-34 months through energy use alone. LALED LIGHTING luminaries have an average life span of 15-20 years (based on 6 hours a day use) allowing the luminaries to continue to pay for themselves multiple times over. 

How does LALED LIGHTING compare to the competition?

- Competitive cost on equal quality products

- Higher brightness than most competitors

- Stricter design standards to meet American desires

- Thorough testing of our own designs and testing of the designs of our partners

- Short lead time on most products. Stock is available within 24 hours as well as many supply houses that have our product.  Special orders and large volume orders are 6-8 weeks depending on the project, the type of light and the location.  We will specify time table on a job by job basis to maintain proper expectations.

Are they compatible with my dimmer?

- 99% compatible with every triac dimmer on the market including Lutron, Leviton, Crestron, Vantage, Centralight, and Control4.  All lights rated for 0-10v dimming are compatible with any 0-10v dimmer on the market.



What are our Shipping Terms?

Shipping terms are established with each supply houses around their normal operating procedures and free freight is available on volume orders.


How do I find a dealer?

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