Less Watts

LED is a more sustainable lighting option over other lights. You can cut your lighting energy use up to 80% just by switching to LED. 


No Ballasts

Fluorescents and metal halides need ballasts to work.  Often the ballast will die before the light.  You will never need to change a ballast because LALED LIGHTING's don't use them, saving on parts and install costs. 


Less Waste

Since LALED LIGHTING's last so much longer than other forms of lighting there is less to throw away. Replacing lights not only costs for replacement bulbs but also labor. LALED LIGHTING lights last up to 50 times as long as equivalent incandescent bulbs. 


Mercury Free

All fluorescents contain some amount of mercury. Mercury is poisonous and bad for the environment. LALED LIGHTING lights are 100% mercury free. 

EPA Standard for cleaning up a broken CFL

Deadly Cost of CFLs

With LED lighting, you can simply throw them in the recycle bin because they do not contain harmful substances. This is NOT true about fluorescent's. Look what the EPA has to say about storing used fluorescents: 

"Establish a Process for Managing Used Fluorescent Lamps – Designate an area within your facility to store used lamps. It should be an area that is dry and where the lamps will not be broken. Ideally, this area would have an air handling system that is independent from the rest of the building." (www.EPA.gov, 2012)